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Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, also known as Dream Bank, is a non-profit organization funded by twenty banks in Korea. Established in 2012, it is often referred to a one of the largest foundations in Korea to support startup activities, with an asset base of approximately USD 470M. As a de facto hub for Korean startup ecosystem, we have mission to foster entrepreneurship among young generations in both Korea and Asia. In service of our mission, we provide various tools, programs and support systems, including our quality infrastructure, D.CAMP. In the heart of Gangnam area in Seoul, D.CAMP serves as 'the space' for the most talented and passionate startup people with 45,000 sq ft space facilitated with co-working space, lounge, lecture rooms, event halls and dedicated offices for promising startups.

Beyound offering a modern and creatice space in the heart of gangnam, Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs is building a stong community of entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors and investors that will likely bring success to many Korean starupts.

Ben Levy, Partner of BootstrapLabs

Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs is an amazing community filled with a lot of energy form smart, ambitious entrepreneurs building great companies.

Malcolm Ong, CEO/Co-founder of Skillshare

Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs is the networking hub of South Korea's startup industry. It brings talented entrepreneurs and successful investors together so everyone can take part in the startup community activities.

YoungHa Ko, Chairman of Korea Business Angel Association

Our Footsteps

  • 27 Sep 2013 Startup Korea Launch
  • 28 Jun 2013 First D.Day
  • 1 Jung 2013 First D.Jump
  • 27 Mar 2013 D.CAMP Opened
  • 8 Mar 2013 First D.Global @SXSW
  • 9 Jul 2012 First Investment
  • 30 May 2012 Foundation Established

D.CAMP Layout

6F - Event Hall

Equipped with a large annex hall with beautiful outdoor space overlooking UNESCO World Heritage Royal Tomb and skyline of Gangnam.

  • Annex Hall (Capacity : 200)
  • Catering Sapce
  • 2 Meeting Rooms ( Capacity : 10~15)

5F - Incubation & Seminar Space

Startup's dream office and spacious seminar rooms in the middle of Gangnam business district.

  • 1 large shared office for up to 6 companies
  • 5 individual offices for up to 7 people in each office
  • 2 Seminar rooms that can be split into different sizes by movable walls (Capacity: 25~50)

4F - Coworking Space

A place where you can meet like-minded entrepreneurs and make your ideas come to reality.

  • Coworking space (Capacity : 70)
  • PT room (Capacity : 20)
  • Other facilitites : Cafetefia, printer, mobild test bed, meeting rooms, smart table etc.



A monthly demo stage form startups.

It's a place where you can test your product in front of expert panels and 200 audiences. You have a chance to meet your future business partner or investor. If your product is really good, then you will be givesn a privilege to ypur own office space at D.CAMP. Want to test your product for Korean audience? Apply for D.Day!


Overnight workshop to see if you have the right DNA for startup.

Walking the path of enterpreneurship bears a huge opportunity cost. Do you really have what it takes to be an enterpreneur? Coming out of the comfort zone and ditching a stable job may not be for all. Do you have startup DNA in you? Join D.Cision!


D.CAMP's unigue weekly bottom-up mentoring session.

Based on our members' needs, we organize speakers every week. For example, members tell us thart they want to learn form a successful startup figure to hear his/her story. In ther last couple of months, we have arranged sessions about 'From designer to entrepreneur', 'Startup team building', 'Startup PR 101' etc. Want to learn form the best? Come to D.Mentor!


D.CAMP startup acceleration program.

This year, we have partnered with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to incubate 10 startups with help of 5 Korea's leading companies. A unique opportunity to learn form the best in the industry so starups can pave their path to success! Selected startups will have an opportunity to showcase in both Korea and the US. Do you have what it takes? Check out D.Jump!


Global outreaching program for startups.

We bring gangnam geeks to go global. We supported 7 prominent local startups to do a showcase at 2013 SXSW in Austin Texas. D.Global programs to other countries around the world. Want to go global? Apply for D.Global!


Monthly networking event with co-host.

Each D.Party has a differnt themed seminar which followed by a networking session. In ther past we had Seoul City Government and Fast Track Asia (accelerator) to discuss about 'sharing ecomomy' and 'startup story'. Want to meet interesting people in startup scene in Korea? com to D.Party!

Investment Activites

Direct Financing for Startups

We have provied direct financing for 25 promising startups in collaboration with Korea Technology Finace Corporation and Korea Credit Guarantee Fund. In total we have invested about USD 5.2M whare each startup received investment ranging form USD 100K-300K. Our portfolio startups cover a variety of industires form medical devices to animation production to game/software publishers. In addition to direct financing, these startups are given exclusive opportunities to participate in our various D.Programs and promoto their services to out members and affiliates.

Investment portfolio by industies


Running a startup is not easy, but launching a startup is even harder, especially for those who have little experience in entrepreneurship. That's why we have decided to help entrepreneurs in the very early stage. Aligned with our goal of fostering entrepreneurship, we are running seed money co-investment program with proven investors.

We made our first co-investment with SK Planet in an accelerator program KStartup. In this program, we invest up to USD 20k per startup. So far we have 12 startups and we expect to add 3-5 startups to our portfolio by end of the year.

*KStartup is designed to help early stage startups succeed globally by providing access to network, mentoring and funds. As a partner to this program, we provide incubation and event sapce as well as funding.

We are about to launch a couple of seed money co-investment programs this year in partnership with top level venture capicals in Korea and abroad. We are also open to explore more partnership opportunities for co-investment with incubators, VCs and acceleratos.

Youngho Kim, CEO of Malang Studio

Due to the lack of credibility as and early startup, we had tough time dealing with major companies and government orginizations. However the investment form Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs solved most of such issues and accelerated every part of the business.

Malang Studio's AlarmMon
  • Alarm app used by over 6 million users worldwide
  • 10 people wake up with AlarmMon every second
  • 2nd Prize winner at 2013 China National Mobild App Competition, the only foreign startup company
Tony Lyu, CEO fo Korbit

The investment form Banks Foundation for Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs is playing a crucial role in our success. Their investment goes beyond just capital. They provide access to relevant industry network and support necessary for us to create feasible outputs and business results.

Korbit's Korbit
  • The first and the largest bitcoin exchange platform in Korea
  • 50% increase in revenue per month*
  • 70% increase in trade volume per month*
  • 50% Increase in user base per month*

* Since July

Limited Partner in Growth Ladder Fund

Korean government is keen to boost venture industry under the banner of 'creative ecomomy'. Financial Services Commission launched a ground breaking fund of funds called Growth Ladder Fund in August. It is USD 1.8B worth of funds aimed for small venture companies to access equity capital market. It will be used to support startups in all stages of its life cycle form growth to exit.

Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs recevied invitation to become a limited partner of the und since we are so successful in fulfilling our goal and mission: building a startup ecosystem and supporting startups. As one of the four limited partners of Growth Ladder Fund, we are spearheading the fund for early stage startups and young entrepreneurs. We have committed about USD 325M, which is about 20% of the whole amount that the limited partners plan to invest for next 3 years. We are very excited to become the only limited partner from the private sector and to have this opportunity to lead the startup funding sector in Korea aligned in close association with the government.

Fund of Funds

Weformed a fund of funds worth USD 45M to play catalytic role in fostering investment in industries where there is a lack of investors' interest, such a intellectual property, patent and cultural content. We believe diversity brings value to the society and startup ecosystem. While we keep our eyes on booming industries like mobile, game and ICT, we also would like to capture the potential in more intangible assets and businesses even though it requires longer-term investment.

We have setup four kinds of fund of funds where each one of them is designed to support specific startup industry. We have carefully selected qualified venture capicals with proven track record in the specific areas we'd like to invest in. Thery will match our commitment, making it approximately USD 80M for the four fund of funds.

Brian Koo, Partner of Formation 8

I storongly believe Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs will revolutionize the enterepreneurial ecosystem in Korea. The foundation is not only providing financial support for startups but many other beneficial programs to boost startups. they are laying strong foundation to become the central venture hub of Asia, and eventually Asia's Sillicon Valley.

Yungmin Lee, Deputy General Manger of Ideabridge

Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs is the first private investor to have setup the intellectual property fund for startups. This fund is designed to help startups survive through the death valley. It would have not been posible to put the fund together if it wasn't for the foundation's initiative. We hope this will serve as a role model for other intellectual property funds to come in the future.

Contact us

551 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu
Saerom Building 2nd, 4-6th Floors
Seoul, South Korea
Way from Seonjeongneung Station (Bundang Line) :
From Exit #4, walk 3 minutes toward Seolleung Station
Way from Seolleung Station (Line 2, Bundang Line):
From Exit #7, walk 5 minutes toward Seonjeongneung Station
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