2023 D•DAY Registration Open for Foreign Startups
Exclusive Track for Foreign Startups
모집 기간
2022-09-29 10:00 ~ 2023-07-14 18:00
행사 일시
2023-01-26 16:00 ~ 2023-07-14 18:00
행사 장소
TBD (Every month)


We are no longer accepting applications from this page,

please submit your application to https://dcamp.kr/en/event/46428.


All applications submitted before July 14th 2023 will be reviewed for August D·DAY.

Thank you for your interest and support towards D·DAY​​​​​​​.




d•camp is a secure base for startups to explore new ideas and challenges without fear of failing.


D•DAY is for entrepreneurs who plan to run a business with a corporation in Korea.

    Requirements :

Investment Stage: Seed~Series B (*Korean Corp)

You can apply if you don't have Korean Corp yet!


Startups that have acquired technology start-up preparation (D10-2) and business start-up (D8-4) (http://www.oasisvisa.com/about.html)

Startups that have participated in the 2022 & 2023 Meet Korea program (https://dcamp.kr/event/7144)

    Selection Criteria

Specific plans and sincerity to conduct business in Korea

Needs for d•camp support programs (settlement support, d•camp residency, investment, etc.)

Active participation in and contribution to the startup community

Potential for growth and investment (business feasibility, competency of team members, the potential for global scale-up, etc.)


Why D•DAY?

D•DAY is the fastest track to settle and grow in the Korean market.


With a focus on supporting early-stage startups, we help by connecting our key elements - Infrastructure, Investment, and Networks - which are the necessary building blocks for the growth of startups.

All D•DAY finalists earn exclusive opportunities of becoming a resident at d•camp or FRONT1, as well as an investment of up to $265K. Participants can also gain access to valuable business partners by leveraging D•DAY’s vast network of VCs, major companies, and relevant institutions.

> Previous D•DAYs: https://www.youtube.com/dcampkor


How to get on board

1) Application

*Click the link

2) Document screening & interveiw

3) Official debut stage : d•day

4) Review for

residency and investmnet

Now open Conducted monthly Thursdays falling on the last week of each month Finalized quarterly

D•DAY screening with



More details you can’t miss

Official debut stage: d•day

> d•day is the longest-running monthly Demo Day in Korea. Since taking off in June 2013, d•day has served as a debut stage for early-stage startups.

> Participants can gain access to valuable business partners by leveraging D•DAY’s vast network of VCs, major companies, and relevant institutions.

Legal consulting

(visa, incorporation)

> Upon Request

-       List of Services : http://www.oasisvisa.com/about.html

Working space

> Applications for working spaces open soon after January 1st. Stationary seats are initially provided for six months (and may be extended for up to one year).

> Check out our locations: https://en.dcamp.kr/about

Equity investment

> d•camp makes direct investments of up to $265K per entity to early-stage startups.

> To attract a steady flow of follow-up investments, d•camp runs funds specialized in startups. By investing approximately $640M, we currently have more than 181 funds worth more than $8.5B.

Growth program / Community

> d•camp provides full support in investments for the growth of startups. We offer demand-driven programs covering topics relevant to startups, including investment, PR, HR, and global business expansion.

-       Office Hours / Community Program: https://dcamp.kr/event/official/growth



Q1. Are prospective entrepreneurs also eligible?

> If you have a specific business plan, you are eligible to apply. However, we recommend you go through consultations in advance for procedures such as corporate establishment and visa acquisition since they are considered the basis for pushing forward with your business in Korea.


Q2. Do you have any preferred qualifications?

> Except for the requirements specified in the notice above, there are NO preferences regarding the industry, age, nationality, etc.


Q3. How often do you select teams?

> d•day is held every month. Tracks for foreign entrepreneurs are accepted at all times, and we go through the selection process every month.


Q4. What are the eligibility requirements for residency and investments?

> As we focus more on supporting early-stage startups, startups should have less than 20 full-time employees and/or a corporate value of less than 10M USD. However, we conduct individual consultations to determine whether the startup is eligible for residency or investments.


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