[IF2021] D.DAY Global League - How to join!
모집 기간
2021-10-30 01:00 ~ 2021-11-10 00:00
행사 일시
2021-11-13 18:00-20:00
행사 장소

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? How to join the special global startup's debut- stage in the ESG field, D.DAYXGlobla Leauge!? 


     ✔️ D.DAY : 11.13(Sat.) 18:00-20:00 KST (Online)

           - Presentations according to major themes

           - Networking between players in relevant markets and industries  (closed*)

     ✔️  Pre-registration (Link) : Check the upper-right!

            (*Pre-registered participants will receive a confirmation email later)


Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Various global D.DAYs teams this November!

? Inquiries :  dcampglobal@dcamp.kr