[d·camp global] International Marketing Competition @Indonesia
Marketing in Indonesia
모집 기간
2022-07-04 09:00 ~ 2022-07-21 23:59
행사 일시
2022-08-01 09:00 ~ 2022-11-30 18:00
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d·camp global: International Marketing Competition @Indonesia


※ 본 공고는 인도네시아 현지 인력 대상입니다.
인도네시아 시장 및 현지의 잠재 고객에 관심 있는 스타트업이라면?
ㅇ 문의: 디캠프 글로벌팀(dcampglobal@dcamp.kr)

This program is hosted by d·camp, in cooperation with KBRI Seoul(Embassy of Indonesia in Seoul), PERPIKA(The Indonesian Students Association in South Korea), and UNIDO(United Nations Industrial Development Organization).

*Cooperating partners will be updated

We are looking for international talents for marketing projects in Indonesia. 

Develop your own idea and test it with a promising Korean Startup to expand into the Indonesian market.


Do everything you dream by:

Creating a team with 1-3 members*;

Analyzing marketing challenges for a specific startup;

Making an action plan to test in Indonesia; and

Pitching your proposal to win the rewards!
*Final team-building will proceed after confirming the selection list




  • Project-leading Experience;
  • Educational/Training Session with Experts and Startup Founders;
  • Cash Prizes and Field Activities in Indonesia;
  • Advisory and Certificates by Indonesian Embassy, UNIDO, and even Global Top Consulting Firm; and
  • Job Opportunities in promising Korean Startups and much more!


* The precise time and date can be rescheduled depending on the situation


Step 1. Submit the form to apply individually by July 21th. (*Extended)


Step 2. Choose the subject/startup you want to analyze by the end of July.

  • The list of startups and participants will be confirmed by July 28th.
    *Ref.) d·camp family startups: https://en.dcamp.kr/startups
  • The final team building will be determined based on the subject selection.
    *After matching with the chosen startup, participants will be eligible to access resources of startups (i.e. meetings, references, etc.) 

Step 3. Prior to conducting the project, there will be an orientation session for a week
including educational/training sessions from experts and startup founders. (1st week of Aug)


Step 4. Analyze marketing challenges for your chosen startup and propose an action plan.
There will be official feedback sessions with the startup and advisories at least once. (Early Aug to Mid Oct)


Step 5. Finalize your proposal and pitch it in person. (Early Nov)

*The event will be held in person @FRONT 1 (Seoul)

Step 6. Test your plan in Indonesia with startups (Field activities&Part-time Internship; Dec to Feb)



Who can apply:


Indonesian talents who are:

  • Passionate about entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem;
  • Currently enrolled in/graduate within one year from college or graduate school in Korea;
  • Majoring in business, marketing, media, economics, data analytics, etc.,
    or having any relevant experiences.

How to apply:

Fill out the link below to apply by July 14th at 23:59

Once selected, you are eligible to choose one startup that fits your interests; there will be several candidate startups in various industries. 
*Application form: https://forms.gle/wV73TfoaRpToGen7A


Inquiries: d·camp Global Team (dcampglobal@dcamp.kr)


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