We fulfil our social responsibilities through transparent and strict operations and management.

The Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs recognizes the importance of information disclosure for the enhancement of business transparency and complies with laws and institutions. As a non-profit-making juristic person, in accordance with Article 32 of the Civil Act, the Foundation has been founded under the Rules on the Establishment and Supervision of Non-Profit-Making Corporations Under the Jurisdiction of the Financial Services Committee. The Foundation is also registered as a designated organization, etc. receiving donations under the Corporate Tax Act, and is a public interest corporation under the Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax Act.

Board of Directors
  • Gwang-soo Kim (Chairman of the Board) Chairman & CEO, Korea Federation of Banks
  • Won-duk Lee (Director) President & CEO, Woori Bank (Chairman, Nationwide Commercial Bank Council)
  • Seong-Bin Bang (Director) President & CEO, Busan Bank (Chairman, Regional Bank Council)
  • Seong-tae Kim (Director) Chairman & CEO, Industrial Bank of Korea
  • Won-mok Choi (Director) Chairman of the Board, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
  • Jong-Ho Kim (Director) Chairman of the Board, Korea Technology Finance Corporation
  • Kim Hak-do (Director) President, Korea SMEs and Startups Agency
  • Hyung-joo Lee (Director) Director, Financial Policy Bureau, Financial Services Commission
  • Young-duk Kim CEO, Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Bong-guk Seo (Auditor) Auditor, Korea Federation of Banks
organization chart