We create a sustainable investment ecosystem by contributing to early-stage startup investment funds

Through fund contributions from outstanding domestic and international accelerators and VC funds, we are concentrating on early stage startup investments. d·camp is making efforts to create a sound ecosystem for investing in startups. We are creating an environment where early-stage startups are provided with constant growth capital throughout their entire life cycle as an enterprise until they become major companies in Korea.

Major Funds
  • FUND OF FUNDS Contribution
    d·camp supports promising industries by contributing to the “fund of funds” managed by K-Growth, including the Growth Ladder Fund, Banks Jobs Fund, and Fintech Innovation Fund. This serves as the primer that ignites the engine of private funds in the startup ecosystem.
  • Banks Startup Companion Fund
    The Banks Startup Companion Fund is for early-stage startups that are less attractive to investors due to their long ROI horizon despite high growth potential. To help these startups get stable investments throughout their life cycle, the existing term of the fund can be set for up to 13 years, and re-investing in the same company is also permitted.
  • FRONT1 Fund
    Investments are made to FRONT1 resident startups selected by d·camp and FRONT1 partner incubators and startups participating in programs run by FRONT1.
Asset Managers