Terms of Service

Article 1 (Purpose)

The Terms and Conditions are intended to prescribe the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as "the Foundation") and its members regarding the use of the Foundation’s services provided through the d·camp (dcamp.kr) and Front1 (front1.kr) Internet websites (hereinafter referred to as "Services").

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The terms used in the Terms and Conditions are defined as follows:

(1) Member: A person who agrees to the Terms and Conditions, enters into a User Agreement with the Foundation, and obtains a Member ID to use the Services.

(2) User Agreement: An agreement signed by a person who intends to become a Member after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and obtaining approval from the Foundation to use the Services.

(3) Member ID: A combination of letters, numbers, and symbols selected by Members and given by the foundation for the identification and use of Services by Members.

(4) Password: A combination of letters, numbers, and symbols selected by and managed confidentially by Members to confirm that the Member is the same person as the Member using the Member ID and to protect the information and rights of Members.

Article 3 (Enforcement and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)

The Foundation may amend the Terms and Conditions according to the following procedures to the extent that it does not violate applicable laws:

(1) In the case of the Foundation amending the Terms and Conditions, the application date, amended contents, and reason for amendment shall be notified through the initial screen or a screen linked to the initial screen from at least seven days prior to the application date (30 days prior to the application date for an amendment that is unfavorable to Members or is concerning a critical matter) to a significant period after the application.

(2) If the Foundation included in the notification that it shall deem the amendment as accepted if Members do not express consent or refusal, the amendment may be deemed as agreed if Members do not express refusal by the enforcement date.

(3) If a Member does not agree to the application of the amended terms and conditions, the Foundation or the Member may terminate the Service User Agreement.

Article 4 (Rules other than the Terms and Conditions)

Matters not specified in the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, and other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 5 (Provision and Modification of Services)

① The Foundation provides the following Services:

(1) Content for promoting the Foundation;

(2) Introduction of businesses operated by the Foundation;

(3) Other information provided by the Foundation;

(4) Member counseling services in which the content and method are determined by the Foundation; and

(5) Services used by Members in which the content and method are determined by the Foundation.

② The Foundation may, if necessary, add or change the content of Services and shall have comprehensive authority over the production, modification, and maintenance of Services.

③ The Foundation shall not be liable for any damage occurring to its Members in relation to the free Services provided by the Foundation. However, this excludes any damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the Foundation.

Article 6 (Discontinuation of Service)

Services may not be provided in any of the following cases. In such cases, the Foundation shall notify Members as prescribed in Article 10. The Foundation is not obligated to provide Services during the relevant period and shall not compensate for any damages suffered by Members or third parties due to the suspension of Services due to the following:

(1) Cases where reasons such as maintenance inspection/replacement and failure of information and communications facilities, including computers, or interruption of communications occur;

(2) Cases where it is necessary to cope with electronic infringement accidents such as hacking, communications accidents, abnormal service use behavior of Members, and unexpected service instability;

(3) Cases where it is impossible to provide regular Services due to natural disasters, emergencies, power outages, failures in service facilities, or congestion of service use;

(4) Cases caused by critical management needs, such as financial deterioration of the Foundation;

(5) Other cases equivalent to each of the above subparagraphs.

Article 7 (Membership)

① Any person who wants to become a Member shall apply for membership by submitting Member information, including all of the information required by the Foundation in its registration form, and expressing one’s consent to the Terms and Conditions. Any person who wants to become a Member shall register with one’s real name and factual information. Each person may apply for one membership only. Among those who have applied for membership according to Paragraph (1), the Foundation shall register those who do not fall under any of the following subparagraphs as Members:

(1) Cases where the name is not real;

(2) Cases where there is false information, omission, or error in the registration details;

(3) Cases where an application is made in the name of another person;

(4) Cases where the applicant's membership has previously been restricted, suspended, or terminated under Article 9 (2) of the Terms and Conditions;

(5) Cases where it is difficult to accept the membership application due to any other reason equivalent to each of the above subparagraphs.

② The Foundation may withhold membership approval in cases that fall under any of the following subparagraphs until the reason thereof is resolved:

(1) Cases where the Foundation's facilities have no more capacity or where there are technical problems;

(2) Cases where there is service failure;

(3) Cases where it is difficult to approve the application due to any other reason equivalent to each of the above subparagraphs.

Article 8 (Change of Member Information, etc.)

① Members may view and modify their personal information at any time through the personal information management screen. However, information necessary for service management, including the real name, Member ID, etc., cannot be modified.

② If the details written at the time of membership application change, Members shall inform the Foundation of the changes by making corrections online or through other means.

③ The Foundation shall not be liable for any disadvantages from failing to inform the Foundation of the changes under Paragraph 2.

Article 9 (Membership Withdrawal and Loss of Qualification, etc.)

① Members may request to withdraw their membership through the website anytime. The Foundation may undergo a verification process when a Member applies for membership withdrawal. If the Member is confirmed to be a Member, the Foundation shall immediately carry out the withdrawal.

② Where a Member falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the Foundation may restrict and suspend one’s membership:

(1) Cases where reasons under each of the subparagraphs of Article 7 (1) are discovered after membership registration;

(2) Cases where the order of service operation is threatened, including interference with the use of Services by others or stealing the information thereof;

(3) Cases where actions are prohibited by laws or the Terms and Conditions or against public order and good morals.

③ After restricting/suspending membership pursuant to each subparagraph of the preceding paragraph, when the same action is repeated two or more times or when the reason is not corrected within 30 days, the Foundation may terminate the membership. When the Foundation terminates membership, it shall notify the Member and proceed with membership withdrawal. In this case, once the member is notified, the Member shall be given an opportunity to explain before membership withdrawal.

Article 10 (Member Notification)

① When the Foundation makes a notification to its Members, it may use the email address submitted to the Foundation by Members.

④ When the Foundation makes a notification to unspecified Members, it may post the notification on its website for one week or longer instead of sending individual notifications.

Article 11 (Protection and Management of Personal Information)

① The Foundation shall strive to protect the personal information of its Members, including account information, as prescribed by relevant laws and regulations. Regarding the protection and use of Members' personal information, applicable laws and the Personal Information Processing Policy separately notified by the Foundation shall be applied.

③ The Foundation's Personal Information Processing Policy shall not apply to services provided by third parties that simply have links on the website.

④ The Foundation shall not be liable for any information exposed due to reasons attributable to the Member, including the Member's account information.

Article 12 (Obligation of Foundation)

The Foundation shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations and faithfully fulfill the rights and obligations prescribed by the Terms and Conditions. The Foundation shall have a security system to protect the Members' personal information so that Members can safely use the Services. The Foundation shall not send advertising emails for the purpose of reaping profit unwanted by its Members.

Article 13 (Obligation on Member ID and Password)

① Members shall be responsible for managing their Member ID and Password assigned thereto, and for all consequences caused by management negligence or improper usage. In principle, the Member ID cannot be changed. In cases where a change of Member ID is necessary due to unavoidable reasons, the Member shall terminate the original Member ID and re-register.

② Members shall manage their account information in full accordance with their duty of care as good managers. Members shall be responsible for any damage caused by the Member's negligence in managing their account information or their consent to information usage by a third party.

③ Members shall be responsible for managing their Password and can change it whenever they want due to security reasons, etc.

④ Members shall change their Passwords regularly.

⑤ When Members are required to provide information to the Foundation under the Terms and Conditions, they shall provide factual information and shall not be protected from any disadvantages caused by the provision of false information.

⑥ When Members intend to join a separate membership operated by the Foundation, they shall enter the membership with the same Member ID as the Member ID given to them when signing up for Services, and the Services provided for each Member shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions applied to each membership.

Article 14 (Obligation of Members)

Members shall comply with the matters notified by the Foundation, including relevant laws and regulations, provisions of the Terms and Conditions, usage guidelines and precautions, and shall not engage in any of the actions falling under the following subparagraphs that may interfere with the Foundation's work: Members shall be held responsible for all consequences that occur from Members taking the following actions:

(1) Acts of illegally using the Member ID of another Member;

(2) Acts of acquiring the email address of another Member and sending spam emails;

(3) Acts conducted under criminal purposes or related to other criminal activities;

(4) Acts that harm good morals and other social order;

(5) Acts that damage or defame the Foundation or another person;

(6) Act that infringes the rights, including the intellectual property of the Foundation or another person;

(7) Acts of hacking or releasing a computer virus;

(8) Acts of continuously sending particular content, including ads against the will of another person

(9) Any act that can interfere or raise concerns of interfering with the stable operation of Services;

(10) Acts of changing the contents of the Services provided by the Foundation;

(11) Acts of impersonating an employee or related person of the Foundation;

(12) Any commercial act that uses the Services without prior approval of the Foundation;

(13) Acts of copying, reproducing, altering, translating, publishing/broadcasting or using via other methods, the information obtained through the Services without prior approval of the Foundation or providing the information thereof to another person;

(14) Other acts in violation of relevant laws and regulations.

Article 15 (Deletion of Posts)

① In cases where a post or link registered or posted within the Services by a Member violates laws, regulations, or the Terms and Conditions or is considered to fall under any of the following subparagraphs, the Foundation may delete, move, or refuse to register the post without prior notification:

(1) Contents that smear or defame another Member or a third party through slander;

(2) Contents that violate public order or public morals;

(3) Contents that are recognized as being linked to criminal acts;

(4) Contents that infringe the copyrights of a third party or other rights;

(5) Contents that may interfere or raise concerns of interfering with the stable operation of Services;

(6) Contents that criticize the Foundation or spread groundless rumors without any evidence or verification procedure;

(7) Other contents equivalent to each of the above subparagraphs or judged to be violating relevant laws and regulations.

② Any person whose rights have been violated, including invasion of privacy or defamation due to information posted on the bulletin board, etc., operated by the Foundation, may submit an explanation of the facts thereof and request the Foundation to delete the concerned information or post a refutation. In this case, the Foundation shall swiftly take necessary measures and notify the applicant and publisher.

③ In regard to Paragraph (2), the Foundation shall implement all measures prescribed by the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.

Article 16 (Relation between "Linking Homepage" and "Linked Homepage")

In cases where a parent homepage and subordinate homepage are connected by a hyperlink method (for example, hyperlink subjects include text, pictures, videos, etc.), the former shall be called the "Linking Homepage" and the latter the "Linked Homepage (Website)." The "Linking Homepage" shall not bear any guaranteed obligation for Services provided independently by the "Linked Homepage."

Article 17 (Copyright Attribution and Restrictions on Use)

① The copyright and other intellectual property rights of the contents produced by the Foundation shall be attributed to the Foundation. In regard to the information obtained by using the Services, Members may not reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, use for commercial purposes through other methods, or have a third party use it without prior approval from the Foundation.

② All rights and responsibilities, including the copyright of the data and contents written by Members, including posts directly written by Members (hereinafter referred to as "User Content,") shall be held by the Member who posts the content.

③ Members shall permit the Foundation to use the User Content for its Services under the following methods and conditions:

(1) The User Content may be used or used with changes in editing format or other alterations (usage in any form shall be permitted, including making it public, reproducing, performing, distributing, broadcasting, producing derivative works, etc., without limitations on period and place of use);

(2) User Content shall not be sold, lent, or transferred for commercial purposes without prior approval from the Member who produced the User Content.

④ Provisions under Paragraph (3) shall remain valid while the Foundation operates its Services and shall continue to apply even after the Member in question withdraws its membership.

Article 18 (Prohibition of Transfer)

Members shall not transfer or give their Service usage rights or other statuses obtained through the User Agreement to another person and shall not provide it as collateral.

Article 19 (Liability for Damages)

① If Members cause damage to the Foundation by violating the Terms and Conditions, Members shall be liable to compensate for the damages caused to the Foundation.

Article 20 (Indemnity)

① The Foundation shall not hold any liability regarding the accuracy, credibility, etc., of the information, data, and facts posted on the Services by its Members. Members shall use Services under their own responsibility in all cases, and even when damages occur from data posted or transmitted through the Services or when any disadvantage occurs with regard to data selection or use of other Services, all responsibility shall be held by the Members.

② The Foundation shall not hold any liability regarding acts mediated by the Services between Members or between a Member and a third party in violation of the provisions under Article 13 and shall not be responsible for any benefit that Members expect from using the Services.

③ If a Member violates Article 14 or other provisions of the Terms and Conditions and the Foundation becomes liable to its Member or a third party, resulting in damage to the Foundation, the Member in violation of the Terms and Conditions shall compensate for all damages caused to the Foundation and indemnify the Foundation from those damages.

Article 21 (Dispute Resolution)

The Foundation and Members shall make all necessary efforts to resolve disputes that arise in connection to the Services. Nonetheless, if a dispute results in a lawsuit, the Seoul District Court shall have jurisdiction over the lawsuit. The laws of the Republic of Korea shall apply to this lawsuit.

The Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on December 1, 2020.