By designing programs which take into account the entire business process,
d·camp stands with startups throughout their journey of pursuing their dreams.

  • 디데이 현장 사진

    since 2013 D·DAY has been held on the last thursday of each month. Today, D·Day has become a debut stage for startups with high potential to make the leap forward. Early-stage startups with specific business plans can apply for the program regardless of industry, years in business, nationality, or gender. Those who make it into the final round can receive an investment of up to $240K and become qualified for residency at d·camp or Front1.

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  • growth
    Growth · Mentoring

    d·camp offers essential programs to help startups grow. This includes mentoring, networking, business management training, talent recruiting, etc. We continue to develop programs that can help early-stage startups tackle their unique challenges.

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  • community

    We have built a startup community around our d·camp family and resident startups. Likewise, we operate various community programs. Such as networking events, wellness programs, welfare programs, and psychological counseling for higher satisfaction levels among management and employees.

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  • global

    To help startups suffer less trial and error when considering global expansion, d·camp provides reliable information and validated access to networks, markets, and industries.

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  • coop

    By signing partnership agreements with excellent domestic and international organizations, d·camp provides various connections that can help startups grow quickly and go global. Also, with educational institutions, d·camp runs programs that match startups with job-seekers. #domesticcompaniesandinstitutions #global #educationalinstitutions

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