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General guidance
• Your inquiry will be reviewed by a representative and usually responded to within 2-3 business days (maximum 7 days).
• We cannot edit your inquiry.
• If you are a non-member, you will receive a confirmation number upon completion of your inquiry. You can then check the receipt number and the email address you entered to view your inquiry.
• For non-member inquiries, we are unable to check the progress of inquiries via phone or a separate inquiry window for privacy reasons, so please check the top inquiry menu.
• Posts that do not comply with the purpose of operation, such as advertisements or slanderous posts, may be deleted by administrators.

Affiliate guidelines
• For affiliate inquiries, we will not reply to you regarding the progress or outcome of the review of your suggestion. If the requester wishes to have their suggestion disposed of, they can do so at Track this and it will be disposed of immediately upon receipt.
• We do not enter into a separate non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for proposals, and we do not assume any obligation to protect the trade secrets of the proposer. Therefore, we ask that you take care to ensure that your proposal does not contain confidential information related to the business activities of the proposer.
• If the relevant department reviews the proposal in good faith and determines that it is businessworthy, it will proceed with separate business procedures, such as signing an affiliation agreement, in consultation with the proponent. However, the contents proposed by the proposer may be the same or similar to the business already in progress internally, and may have been proposed by a third party first.

Visiting guidelines
• We are currently prioritizing visits from proposed businesses or partnerships that could work with d·camp to ensure a smooth visit process.
• For more information about the space and programs, please refer to the relevant directions and brochures on our website.
• Additionally, if you would like to request an on-site visit, we ask that you do so two weeks in advance of your desired date.

Space rental guidelines
• This is not a reservation request, but a staff member will check the availability of the space and get back to you within 2-3 days.
• Please fill in the details of your event and attach any materials related to your organization or event. If you have a large data file, please contact us via email (contact@dcamp.kr).
• Please contact us at least one week in advance of your desired date, as we will only consider events that are more than one week away.
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