Investing in Potential: Entrepreneurs Taking on Challenges

d·camp actively invests in the possibility of entrepreneurs who create positive social impact with a sustainable business model. d·camp looks mainly into finalists that make it to d·day, d·camp's demo day. Depending on the follow-up review after d·day, d·camp executes equity investment of up to $240K.

Investment Philosophy
    Positive Social Effect
    d·camp aims to invest in dreams that bring positive changes to society. We want to join entrepreneurs who create a positive impact in and out of the company through valuable missions and innovation.
    A Critical Mind and Engagement
    We focus more on the team’s critical mind and their way of solving problems rather than the team's current state. We strongly believe that teams who clearly recognizes problems and fully engages on the issue can solve the problem.
    Long-Term Partnerships and Commitment
    d·camp does not aim for short-term returns on investment. As a public foundation, we aim to discover the possibilities in entrepreneurs and startups and stand as a dedicated partner with patience and dedication in the long term.
Investment Process
  • STEP 1 Finding promising startups d·day finalists, joint investment with other institutions
  • STEP 2 Review & internal discussion IR, meetings & inspections, decisions made by Investment Team
  • STEP 3 Hold Investment Execution Committee Internal · external judges (more than 5)
  • STEP 4 Execute investment With a share of less than 5%, KRW 300 million or less